De GaasperCams

These are Owen's Webcams

Three cameras showing static images from the aquariums in my apartment in Nellestein (Amsterdam/Holland).

A new image is taken and published every minute, these are also timestamped and held in the archive for 24 hours.

I run them mostly so that I can monitor the fish when at work or on vacation, and because it was fun setting this up..

If the images are black; that is probably because it is night at my place!
- At such times you can look in the archive for images taken between 6 and 9pm, when all the tank lights should be on.

A Final Note: Picture quality can vary, these are cheap USB webcams. ;-)

Thumbnail image from Webcam 1, if no image shown then something is broken, sorry :-)

Click on the images above for a popup window with a full sized image updating every minute.
This page should auto-refresh every 5 minutes.
If you cannot see the image, or have any other question or comment on this page; please email me using the address here and I'll try to help..

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